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velvetpeel, inc. is the culmination of 28 years experience in visual communications + strategic branding. Founded in 1998, we are a vibrant creative consortium that partners with clients to advance their agenda as efficiently and imaginatively as possible. Yes, our name is unconventional and evocative. We created it to capture the lush sensory stimuli that inspire us.and that we try to exude in our work.

When you work with us you get us. On the phone, in meetings, and behind every creative idea you see. As a small firm, we provide a level of accountability, responsiveness and personal attention that few agencies can match.


Meet Joanne.

She is a synthesis of the practical and spectacular. Her potent creative forcefield is grounded in logic and conscience. She thinks big and grasps fast. She is trusty and kind. And she's a disciplined taskmaster who can wrangle and tame even the most complex projects.

Joanne graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 1994 with a BFA in graphic design and worked for several years at various design firms. In 1998, she founded velvetpeel.

Joanne oversees the firm's creative vision, messaging strategy, planning logistics, and team resources.

Meet Kate.

Kate is all about people + experiences. She is a visionary capable of seeing inside and beyond situations and people. She brings wisdom and intuition to each project and has an infectious sense of possibility. She is worldly and familiar. A charismatic catalyst, she enlivens and inspires everything she touches.

Kate has more than 18 years experience in visual communications, working with an impressive roster of firms and clients. A pioneer in interactive design, she has focused primarily in this area since 1995. She is an award-winning designer whose work is frequently published in books and design magazines.and an established visual artist who shows and sells in galleries.



We do what we say we'll do. Period. If we screw up, we own up to it. If it goes awry, we fix it-fast.
And we respect people who do the same.

We bring people together to unleash a collective power that is both awesome and humbling.
We view our clients as critical contributors to the project's success.

We have a fervent work ethic and a dogged determination to make things work.
We're thorough and meticulous, right to the very end.

We're tired of visual communications you forget the minute you turn away.
We want our work to stick in someone's mind. To amuse them, intrigue them, inspire them.

We hate waste-of money, resources or your precious time. We are fast, efficient and focused in our efforts.

We avoid situations and people that are compromised or compromising.
We gravitate to that which is authentic and whole-and are firm in our convictions.

We're interested in things that endure-relationships, especially.
We are energized by ongoing conversations and collaborations that deepen over time.

We believe that our actions and intentions matter. Always.
And that how you treat people is as important as what you accomplish.

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